Eadlyn's Selection [The Heir's Dream Cast]

Hola wormiees! This morning I stumbled upon epicreads' contest about Kiera Cass' next installment on The Selection Series, which is The Heir.

The Heir tells the story of Maxon and America's daughter as she, too, will experience what her father did 20 years ago where he and America fell in love. The Heir will be out on May 5th and everyone's excited for its release and while there is an excruciating pain of waiting, epicreads has come up with a way to entertain ourselves while waiting and sitting with a cup in hand.

So here it is, the Dream Cast for the 35 bachelors who will compete against each other to win Eadlyn's heart. It took me a whole day to find these gorgeous men and I hope you can also wager your bet as to who among these hot guys will Eadlyn choose at the end of The Heir. Well, I guess we'll have to wait a little more weeks to know whose team will prevail.

I think I just made a mistake of picking extremely hot guys to do be in the selection because picking among these 8 will be an impossible job when it's time for the cut-off. Ugh.

A lot of them are my absolute celebrity crushes and it's breakkng my heart to slim down the number by choosing some above the other. I actually based my opinion on their descriptions but some are biased because I won't leave my bae behind.

Woot woot, there's Zac! There's Theo! There's too much hotness in this next batch. Do you have any bet among them? One of them actually are in my top 2. Scroll a little bit more to find out who.

Isn't this something that I have dreaded? That Kiera Cass would again be predictable? One of the men listed in this last batch is Eadlyn's childhood friend and I hate that he's now becoming a crowd's favorite because of his status as "known Eadlyn since birth". 

I only wish Kiera would do a great job to pull through with the predictable the One if ever Kile would win. Though I certainly hope she won't do that, though but I guess it's inevitable. He's the most obvious choice. (THIS IS, IF EVER KILE WOULD BE EADLYN'S THE ONE)

Despite the obvious choice of everyone, I chose a different path... Scroll a little bit more...


Yep, Ansel Elgort is the best choice for this. Kind eyes and a warm smile *melts* I know there would be something more from that description and I hope he will be great and he'll stay even at least be one of the top 5.

Jack Ranger trailed not so far behind.
Everybody needs a strong woman and in our generation, YA Lit have produced so many kick-ass women to be admired and I like that Jack wanted a woman like that. It was also a plus that it was Zac who was in the picture behind the name.

If you were to make yor dreamcast and pick the One among them, who would it be? :) 


  1. hey there, was wondering can you tell me who all those casted guys are? because I don't recognize quite some actors, heh. thanks a load ((:

    1. Honestly, I have no idea who the others were. I just typed their descriptions on google and picked the attractive ones! :D Haha

  2. Kesley Timber is your favourite? I didn't expect this. Tbo, i don't actually remember him and I read Selection 4 yesterday. I didn't read the last book yet, but my favourite is Eikko. Totally. I love him since the beginning hehe ^^ I thought, it would be soo cool, when Eadlyn loved a guys, that weren't on the list

    1. I actually made this before the selection 4 went out. It was a game from Epic Reads and I based my picks on their description so I actually thought Kesley would be a good pick but he is not remarkable in the book. huhu

    2. I am at the same point right now - I love Eikko (Erik) too , and I keep getting a feeling she's going to choose him (for a twist), but I really want to know who she chooses - Is it Kile?

  3. OMG! I love this series and totally agree with ur dream cast besides a few - you have a perfect taste :)