About Me

Full time student by day, and on her spare time, if she does not talk, she reads... Then she blogs (or write for that matter).

I started reading books when I was about to enter college already. Pretty late, I know. Because I never really wanted to read out of a requirement. So right now, I'm starting to fill an old T.V. cabinet upstairs with books and I'll have my very own mini awesome library and soon enough, I'm going to have a whole room of books just like Belle's.

I made this blog so I can keep track of my mind's adventures.

I tend to forget a lot of stuffs easily and whenever I want to be reeled back on my past, I always come up blank. So I decided that I will keep tabs on the books that I have read and movies that I like best. They will all be kept here in my virtual athenaeum. (n. A library or a reading room)

Whenever I review books, I tend to review it somewhat personally, then emotionally and in the end, depending on the book, some of my personal experiences also become a part of it. I also put a quotation before my signature that I personally made out of my reveries and musings about the book and the favorite quote from the book are always placed in the beginning of the review.

My physical adventures are found on my personal blog, whether it be in school or in places outside Manila and Cavite. *laughs*

I'm new here so bear with me for being a noob in blogging and I'm not really good in designing and photoshopping or anything, so I'm sorry if my page is a sore in the eye.

Thanks for stopping by!


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