BEWARE: I suck at video editing, and I am not good at directing and manning the camera so bear with me A-kay? :D

For our final project in school, we were asked to make a short advertisement on how we would tell the world to keep reading. This is not my original plan, but I think it worked out just fine. This was also not the project that we passed, because the one that we passed to the professor was not edited by me so originally, I was only the director and the cameraman but the video above was edited by me. I was browsing through my Note's gallery when I stumbled upon the pieces of the videos so why not stitch it together and make a Perks of Being a Wormiee, right?

So enjoy the video and tell me what you think?
HAHA, me, if I saw my fave book read by someone, I would try to tell her that I love the book, but
I would look suspicious and creepy, so I'll try not to do what I did up there. But so far, I haven't had the chance to spot book readers around the campus mainly because I haven't looked around. *sad and busy life with friends and school*

Credits to all my group mates, you're all so great! Mwa.x


  1. I can't watch the video. Why? :((((

    Augustin Ra |

    1. Me either. I was going to fix this but I already forgot about it hahahaahhaa gonna update this soon.