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My friend through many dangers. My lover who had healed my broken and weary soul. My mate who had waited for me against all hopes, despite all odds.


Title: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Thorns and Roses #2
Published by: Bloomsbury USA Childrens on May 3th 2016
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Setting: Prythian mostly and mortal land
Format: Hardcover, 626 pages
Purchase: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 100 Roses (joke, full 5 Roses)

Feyre survived Amarantha's clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can't forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin's people.
Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.

I cannot even fathom a review as great as this book had been!! I'm speechless and excited and giddy all at once. I feel like my gush of words won't be enough to portray that this book is now on my NUMBER ONE!

This book is nothing short of spectacular. I loved how it kept me glued to it and if I could devour it for the whole 48 hours (which is the estimated reading time based on moonreader but I probably read it for less than that, collectively) without sleeping, I would have, but even a high lord needed sleep so how could I even fight it, right? So anyway,  this book kept me on the edge of my seat. Every turn of page is something new to dwell on, every turn of events surprising and engaging, every bickering and flirting would have you excited whether they would end up kissing or you knowwww but you'll end up really frustrated but giddy at the same time because, duh?? Rhysand just can't help but sweep you off your feet every single time. Just, everything fits perfectly right the way the untold stories were unraveled. I would practically jump inside the book so I could will myself to read faster and know what else will happen,but I'm just a mere hooman void of maybe something that I could wield to make me read faster. I am just a mere hooman waiting to be sent down that effing cauldron to have some of that gift if it even existed.

"Did you enjoy the sight of me kneeling before you?"

WTF Rhysand! Stop telling those things! You're making it hard for me not to fall for you! HAHAHA, I tell you, the sexual tension in this book was higher than my roof! For the whole part of it you just want to see even just a kiss from Rhysand and Feyre but of course, you'll always be left hanging.

Just a glimpse of what I thought about Rhys to get you excited and curious about who he really is.

In his darkness floats his dreams and his family's dreams. And in darkness you might find all the bad and the gruesome but the stars twinkle in the dark and it's where all his hopes and good intentions lie, no matter how bad the price he might pay for the dark front he lets everyone see. No matter if he gets written in history as the worst villain, he will pay the price for what he loves most and he will fight no matter what.


I delved into this book with little hints of knowledge here and there and I refused to believe even for one second that I would shift to Rhysand! Oh hell was I wrong. At first I was really really frustrated because I felt like everything that I loved Tamlin for in the first book was slowly being shred off him. I even felt like Sarah is betraying him by making him look like the villain in Feyre's eyes and I hated that and boy was I wrooong. You see, Rhysand, there could only be one effing Rhysand for Feyre and I have no room for Tamlin ok? I was soo wrong for thinking even for just one second that I could stay in Feylin's ship forever. Now I hated Tamlin's guts and I'm so excited to read the next book and see how everything goes.

I'm still contemplating whether Tamlin really loves Fey or he just wants her as prized as she is. I still can't comprehend that. He became a villain of Fey but is he really? Is he winning Fey back and selling her off in the process part of some greater plan of his? Does he really have a greedy heart? Typing this though, I realized and remembered that he became a part of the ruthless king's plans in the process of getting Fey back, and that made him the worst and I don't think it's love. He is selfish and thinks only of himself. He never thought of Feyre being first on his top priority not like Rhys did. Rhys' every decision always revolves around keeping Fey happy and content and safe without putting shackles on her and letting her choose on her own free will and not letting anyone, even him, to make her decisions for her.

I haven't seen much of Lucien in this book but I trust him. Really trust that he's not half the man Tamlin is, which is a selfish and coward shell of a beast he truly is. I know deep down within me that Lucien is an ally of Fey now that he'd become her sister's mate. That would seem like I'd be seeing more of my favorite Lucien on the third book and I am so glad about that.

"You do. But you need to start mastering them. To learn what you inherited from us.”

At the time it was revealed that Fey might have the seven high lords' powers and she could wield it to save Prythian I felt like she's become the avatar, the master of all seven courts of Prythian, and she will SAVE THE WORLD!!! Now you have my full attention Feyre.

As the book progressed, we saw how Feyre evolved. We all knew that she is strong-willed and badass even from the first book but we saw how she was transformed from the lifeless puppet Tamlin wants her to be, to the woman who holds her own fate in her hands with Rhys by her side. She almost always become a beast herself just so she can save people she love, and with her new family, she's not letting anyone or anything get in her way of saving what she loves most.

I loved that we saw more of Rhysand and know more of the back stories behind each characters, new and old. We saw more of Rhysand's side on the root of the rivalry between him and Tamlin; Miryam, Prince Drakon, and Jurian's story; Rhysand's full story during ACOTAR; and we finally met the ruthless King of Hybern and it was not pretty. Everything went ugly the moment they stepped on the King's castle.

So moving forward, during the revelations of Rhys on some parts of the story, I realized I'm looking at Damon and Stefan all over again (Rhys being Damon and Tamlin being Stefan)! That time when Damon actually revealed that he found and I guess loved? Elena first and he just wiped that memory away and they're the one really meant for each other was just... shitt. ok? I am emotional people! My Rhys, oh my Rhysand you make my heart ache with your selflessness. 

Then there's this Ianthe bitch, I knew from the moment she emerged from the book that she is not just a priestess. I know I'm always weary of new characters no matter how good or bad they might seem, I'll always have doubts, and of course, I am right about this bitch (I'm wrong about Lucien though). I can see through you Ianthe!! You will die soon enough!!

Now let's move forward to Feyre's new found family. My Illyrian warriors, Azriel and Cassian and Mor and Amren. I love these people. Shit shit if Elain and Lucien were mates, could it be that Cassian and Nesta??!! Holy shit! this series just keeps getting better. 

Let's get to the good and heart stopping parts.

I knew!! I knew from the looks of those wretched queens that they would bring Hybern right to Velaris' doorstep! I almost cried thinking that Velaris would be wiped out of the map. Thankfully, our heroine makes her own choices and she's not some fragile coward who is about to walk and lock herself in a safe place and cower while her newfound family and people fight to death for her. She is powerful if she willed it and she will stand alongside her warrior friends while doing so. I love it. I love how happy their little family had become for a short time of their reunion even though everyone knows that that would be short-lived.

Next, I did not know why they haven't thought even for one second that it could be a trap. Why was the plan and execution easy for something so powerful? Even I suspected that someone could be waiting for them you know? Maybe kill them right then and there, though that didn't happen, all the worst things did and it made the story even more interesting.

What happens as last pages became thin were worse then worst then more than effing WORST. But there were the good part, the that's-my-Feysand-right-there kind of parts.

So first, Feyre stoopid-not-hooman-but-a-powerful-fae has succumbed to the alluring sound of the book of something something, and so all the efforts were failed only to find out that it was a suicide mission after all. The king knew and Jurian was there and they were nullified. No powers, no mental conversations between Feyre and Rhysand, no, nothing. THEY FAILED! And now, they were trapped in the wretched castle for eff's sake. huhu. That's not the worst part, though. The fucking worst part was TAMLIN! Tamlin, moothee effin Tamlin!!!! He bargained with the king in exchange for Feyre!!! The worst part of the end of the bargain was that he would give the king permission to use the spring court in order to bring the walls down and bring destruction to the mortal lands. EFF YOU TAMLIN YOU SELFISH BASTARD!!!!!!! That's not love Tamlin! That's obsession! That's possession!!! Ugh, now I hate Tamlin to the core. He'll get what's coming to him. I really hate him. Then there's the ever loyal Lucien by his side as always, but the good thing is, I think something has stirred within him, because somehow, he needs to protect what's his even from his most loyal friend and high lord. I am so looking forward to that.

Wait, there's more, the worst than the worst part! This Ianthe bitch brought out Feyre's two sisters and they became lab rats to the king's experiments!!! WTF is that?! The king will make an example to Feyre's sisters to show the wretched queens of the mortal lands that it is possible to give them immortal life as a fae. I can't believe it. Nesta lived her whole life hating faeries, and now she became one, and she became a dark-with-unknown-power kind of fae.

Oh wait, I forgot that there was more than the worst than the worst part. Aside from Feyre in exchange for camping at the spring court, Tamlin also asked the king to remove the bargain tattoo from Feyre. I was so afraid at that point but I believed that their relationship is deeper than that tattoo and I believed in FEYSAND.

So lastly, I'll get to the good part, Feyre fooled everyone. OR DID SHE?? I don't believe even for a second that the king and Tamlin would be fools. Can the mating bond be forced on someone?? Well, they kind'a believed the show that Feyre put on in order to save her Illyrian family and her biological family. So now, Feyre is back at the spring court with her "beloved" Tamlin. Tamlin is just blinded and a fool you know? Lucien senses something fishy with Feyre and he feels something is not right and that's for the third book I think. Ok ok let's get to the best part!! FEYSAND GOT MARRIED!!!

We saw on Rhysand's POV what happened after they went home to Velaris. Amren was like "YOU NEED TO GET YOUR MATE BACK! YOU NEED TO GET FEYRE'S ASS BACK HERE YOU BLOODY FOOL!!" But no! No people!! Rhysand is calm!! So they had to have some sort of plan B if all else fails AND THEY DO HAVE ONE!! The HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT is in the spring court! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN??!!! THE HIGH EFFIN' LADY! So what does that mean y'all??! That means that Fey and Rhys got married! The eloped in hooman's term. But whatever! They strengthened the bond that is already living inside of them by going to a priestess and marry one another. Rhysand did not just declared her as his mate, not a consort, but Feyre is to become his equal, she has to become the HIGH LADY of the Night Court,  and that's the best thing that could have happened on this book. It doesn't compare to the freedom that Rhys has given her, because he respected and believed in her so much that he made her the HIGH LADY and his equal at the night court! I feel so happy and teary-eyed right now. I love it. I love it. I love every single page of this book. I LOVE IT!

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"I love you," he whispered, and kissed my brow, "Thorns and all." 

 A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Thorns and Roses #1
Published by: Bloomsbury USA Childrens on May 5th 2015
Genre: Some say YA some say New Adult Fantasy
Setting: Mortal Realm and Prythian
Format: Hardcover, 416 pages
Purchase: Fullybooked [PH] | NBS [PH] | Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4.5 Roses

Feyre's survival rests upon her ability to hunt and kill – the forest where she lives is a cold, bleak place in the long winter months. So when she spots a deer in the forest being pursued by a wolf, she cannot resist fighting it for the flesh. But to do so, she must kill the predator and killing something so precious comes at a price ...

Dragged to a magical kingdom for the murder of a faerie, Feyre discovers that her captor, his face obscured by a jewelled mask, is hiding far more than his piercing green eyes would suggest. Feyre's presence at the court is closely guarded, and as she begins to learn why, her feelings for him turn from hostility to passion and the faerie lands become an even more dangerous place. Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose him forever.

I thought Cruel Beauty is a dark and twisty tale re-telling of one of my favorite classics, but ACOTAR proved to be a strong contender, and not just a strong contender but a fair and intricate one.

It is a very well thought of world with all creatures and places strong and real enough to actually be a source of everyone's nightmares. I couldn't actually conjure more scary creatures than the creatures I met in Prythian and I wanna see what they're really like because I don't trust my imagination to be that good, and I think they are really scary and gross and idk, I need to see some of them, but not in real life please!

All I could say was this re-telling was not pretentious at all with all the flaws that could mar a human woman which wasn't purposely concealed by a supposed perfectness of a heroine that could face anything. She is just human, a stupid human for that matter and she really is. I do not know if I liked Feyre's character or not and she is just too stubborn that I want to grab her hair and drag her back to the house and lock her there. She almost died enough times to last her a lifetime and she still manages to disobey orders! What?! Feyre has a death wish guys,and somehow, she's our main character and she can't die because we won't have a story anymore, right?

So I loved how the story unraveled. It was a rather slow world building and story telling but I think it was worth it once you get to the good parts. The story is woven perfectly, from the backstory to the curse, to the present situation and just everything falls into place. The problem only ever comes from Feyre. Everything, just everything is just, ugh, she's frustrating. Hahaha.

I think I've already said too much and I need to discuss more. Spoilery section ahead!

So of course I've been snooping everywhere about books and saw a little bit about the new ship that many have already been aboard. The Rhysand-Feyre ship and I still cannot comprehend how that would happen. Of course, I saw some comments that would say 'At first, I thought my ship would not sink, but it's really hard not to shift ship because...' I cannot continue because that would kill my curiosity and imagination about how the author can shift my ship to another ship. I'm quite angry, I tell you, because I already fell for Tamlin. HOW HOW HOW? Okay, let's stick to the situation at hand. I'll think about my Rhysand problem once I get to know him more. Ok? I'll keep my feelings at bay I promise.

Let's talk about Tamlin. Tamlin, I like him but not nearly as much as I like Lucien. Tamlin is cute and I did not really see him as horrible but his intentions are blurring out. I don't understand him for the most part of the book until the revelation of the big secret that everyone keeps from Feyre. Tamlin is our hero of the book but sometimes he gets a little coward and all he could do was kneel and beg and not really fight. I don't know what I felt about that because he's supposed to be the strong prince of the story. I liked him though and I am sailing on the Feylin ship ok?

Lucien is like,I did not like him at first because I think he's a bad person. I have my doubts as for anyone that doesn't involve the main characters. I've had enough books and movies that involve traitorous two-faced bitches, but Lucien is just not who I was thinking he is. He's loyal and amusing and a total prick sometimes, but that was the entertaining part, ok? He's sassy and likeable in his snarky own way. He is brave and I am hoping that he'll find someone for him. Because that would beeee great!

Rhysand. I have no opinion of him. YET. He is an interesting character and we do not know much about him but he's an ass and let's see what the next book tells us about him and how things would play out that I would be burning my Feylin ship to the ground just to hop aboard the Feysand (is that what they call it?) ship. Let's see... I'm skeptical but let's freakin' see.

It was a slow budding romance between Tamlin and Feyre, and Tamlin was so sweet and romantic and all that shit that comes from being a high lord of spring court and everything was lovely. I love that he did not force her to love him despite the curse and I think he really fell hard for Feyre because he puts her safety first rather than face the consequences of the breaking of the curse, because Amarantha is shitty like that.

All of Tamlin's efforts went downhill in the end though because Feyre decided that she still had a death wish and she would save the whole Prythian because she's the heroine, and at the end of the day she would live and continue on to the second book.  So at the end of the book, everything was exciting with breath-stopping badass scenes. We saw that Feyre is dumb on a lot of things but not under duress. Her hunting instincts always seem to click on the right places that always saves her dumb ass. I know I seem harsh on Feyre but I can't help it. She just seems stupid on most parts when she's not being badass on a battlefield.

Towards the end, we saw more of Rhysand and his never-ending arseness and I hated him more and more but he's interesting in a way that it is so obvious that he would turn his back on Amarantha anytime and if he could kill him, he would, but he can't so he'd just be her whore.

The bargain tattoo. Let's talk about that bargain with Rhysand and Feyre. So this thing would bind them and will have them time to spend together on the next book. AND THEN WHAT? A week a month for eternity and I'm supposed to fall in love with Rhysand? Oh please, don't kid me. Not when he does those things to Feyre every night and I can't stand that Tamlin just watches and ughh everything felt wrong!

Then there's this riddle. Fairly easy Feyre! Why haven't you figured that out right then and there!! Could have saved you from all the stupid trials you know? But the trials were interesting and heart stopping, so maybe it was a good thing that Feyre has her human shortcomings.

There were three trials for Feyre. One is with the wyrm thingy that showed how clever she is in trapping monsters and killing them. Next is a riddle I think? And she gets to answer by pulling the right lever with the right answer. There were three levers with I, II, and III written on top of them and if she picks the wrong one, both she and Lucien would die by being crushed with a descending hot chandelier on top of them. But we have an illiterate heroine, ladies and gentlemen, which she could have remedied by the way, because she had a lot of time on Tamlin's manor doing nothing you know? But it's just not for her and it could have cost her her and Lucien's death. So she picked one lever and she felt a stinging something on her hand that had the tattoo. Hmm. interesting. Next lever, and there it was again. Sooo, Rhysand was trying to send her a message to save her. So she went on for the last lever and they were saved. The last trial came. MORE DEATHS! There were three faes in front of her and she is to kill them with an ash dagger. One, kill! Two, kill! Three, surprise, surprise!! Feyre's gonna kill Tamlin with her own brutal hands! Surprise! Amarantha playing god working against Feyre's favor people! But then again, our pretty little Feyre had this little flashback inside her head and she knows, she knows that she could stab Tamlin and not kill him, I don't know how she figured that out but she did and eventually she did learn the answer to the riddle but Amarantha is just a bitch and she still wants to hold everybody by the balls and decided to kill Feyre because apparently,  she's just a sore loser when she said,

"I'll free them whenever I see fit. Feyre didn't specify when I had to free them...blabla Foolish, stupid human."

Wow, Amarantha, so mature. She couldn't accept that there was someone meant to break her curse. Stupid bitch, of course there is always someone, even a human, that will break the curse, and she can't admit that she lost. Okay, not yet, the curse has not been lifted yet because Tamlin is still on his knees and can't do anything. Rhysand, still a mystery, tried to stab Amarantha but she's still powerful and then surprise, seconds before she would die on Amarantha's hand, she FINALLY learned the answer to the riddle. LOVE, of course, come on people, love is always the answer no matter how cliche it is. So the curse was broken but her neck snapped and there's no going back from that and then Tamlin our lovely beast killed Amarantha in the end.

The next events were like Breaking Dawn, where Bella was resurrected after dying and became a vampire. Feyre became a fae because all seven high lords sprinkled some faerie dust on her and that was all I could do not to laugh. It was funny for me.  So yeah, she was resurrected because of those glitters and now everyone is happy.

At the near end, Rhysand and Feyre had a little encounter that is now foggy in my memory because I don't like Rhys, but there was a moment where Rhys was hit with shock about something from Feyre. Did he saw that Feyre has powers? Did she have powers? Or what? What is it? Is it related to the bargain bond between them that could make Rhys send some signal to Feyre when needed? WHAT IS IT?!!

Ok, that's it, my heart was racing the entire time I was typing the last parts of this review, but I gotta get my feelings out there. Bye!

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I guess I would be included on the 5% (probably 1?) of the bookish population who does not particularly like this new John Green novel at all. I've been watching reactions from my favorite book vloggers and they've really liked it. I know exactly why I didn't and I can't ignore it no matter how hard I try.

"But the sky isn't one thing. The sky is everything. And last night, it was enough."

Title: Turtles All the Way Down
Author: John Green
Published by: Dutton Books for Young Readers on Oct 10th 2017
Genre: YA
Format: E-book
Purchase: Fullybooked [PH] | NBS [PH]Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 3 Roses

Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together, they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett’s son, Davis.
Aza is trying. She is trying to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student, and maybe even a good detective, while also living within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts. 
In his long-awaited return, John Green, the acclaimed, award-winning author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars, shares Aza’s story with shattering, unflinching clarity in this brilliant novel of love, resilience, and the power of lifelong friendship.

For my non-spoiler review, I would just probably say that it's not one of the books that I flew through reading. I found it really hard to finish it and if it weren't for my curiosity about OCD and anxiety and the "MYSTERY" that wasn't really present, I would not have finished this at all. 

It was a great portrayal of something that not all people understand and experience, I'll give you that. It was great writing as usual. I would recommend this book to be read in order to feel what you normally wouldn't (if you don't have OCD and anxiety), because reading this is really frustrating and to have someone like Aza would be really frustrating if you do not understand, and being able to read through someone else's mind is a refreshing take on an uncharted territory. 

I also did not like how the book was wrapped up. The ending just brought me more questions and I wasn't satisfied with the over-all book with the exception of the supposed main conflict and the most important part of the book, which is the awareness of the uncontrollable mind of a teenage girl named Aza. 

If you like to know more about how I felt and come on if you want to argue with me, please do, because there's just a lot that didn't sit well with me and I need enlightenment hahahahah. =))

--------What follows contain spoilers so read at your own risk--------

10 Reasons Why I Don't Love It

(Kind of not in any particular order)

10. Daisy-Aza Relationship. I don't particularly like Daisy because she did not make an effort to understand at all. I hate their relationship because they've been friends for like forever but they never really understood each other and being best friends means that you try to reach out to the other person when you don't understand them but I did not see that with Daisy and Aza. It made me sad to think that they knew each other for a long time I guess, but there was a huge gap between them because they don't really know each other well and their friendship is so superficial and I don't know how they've been together for such a long time. Maybe they've just really clicked because of their complete oppositeness -- Daisy talks too much and Aza does not bother to talk at all (unless necessary and spoken to directly).

Next is, Daisy is so mean and I do not really connect with her character because she was just there and she was not a support at all. She's just a character that was supposed to be there to be a fanfiction writer and a superficial friend to Aza. Bluhh Daisy.

9. Shrink-Aza Relationship. What's the role of the shrink again? Ugh. I mean, I don't understand at all how a psychiatrist should treat his/her patient but I've got a pretty good idea about how Aza's shrink is not helping her at all. She just listens half-heartedly, shoves some words to let Aza believe that it's all in her head, prescribe a treatment, and then get paid. She does not really reach out in order to understand the intensity of Aza's thoughts because she just shoves words into Aza and then Aza will throw it out on her other ear. All the shrink ever told Aza was that her thoughts are not actions. I don't know how else a person could try to fix a problem they do not understand, but first she should have understood what Aza feels in the first place. I felt like Aza's shrink was dismissing her thoughts. Aza found it hard living in her own head and with the people around her, I didn't feel that anyone understands her at all.

8. Mother-Aza Relationship. I don't know why, but I did not feel the mom's presence really significant in the story at all. She was just there, being a mother but doesn't know what to do. I guess she understands that Aza's head is not something she could ponder deeply and I know how a teenager and a mom can really get in private situations and I don't really know what I really wanted out of  Aza's mother in this novel but it's a plus points that she understands her in some level and that she will always be there for her no matter what but I just didn't really feel her at all. Oh well, adults don't really understand a teenager's mind, do they?

7. Davis-Aza Relationship. I just didn't feel like they have a true connection. It was really sweet for some moments when they're together. I guess Davis just needs a friend in that stressful moment of his life  and Aza feels like he's her childhood crush and that they should talk again or whatever. I thought that Davis would try to understand what is really going on, like to truly delve into her mind, but there's just too much happening in both their lives so the two of them just became an escape for each other. So okay, whatever.

6. Ever cringe-worthy philosophical mind of what, a teeenager? I mean, I'm not saying that teens can't be that smart and philosophical but it's just too much. They've got too much realizations that proves that this really is a novel and is a product of someone else's mind.

5. Misleading synopsis. Death of Russell. I have too much questions that went unanswered. What happened to him? Why did he die in there? That ending was a bit rushed and there were a lot of loose ends. There's just to much thread in the web of happenings that it was not really spun that well. I mean, the synopsis was well about their supposed secret detective investigation in order to get some money, but it was a novel of self discovery and friendship and love and philosophy and not at all about a missing person's investigation. Not bad, but shouldn't you put a better synopsis than what really isn't?

4. The Money. I just never understood why there was no resistance between Aza and the money. A person should have at least a little decency about refusing it even though he/she really wanted it, but I guess I just never really liked how it was told. If I were Davis, I would really be disappointed that they were really just after the money, but then again we all want what we do not have, right? And money is one of them. Next, if I were Aza, I'd be hurt about what Davis did, to think so lowly of me, but then again, I was really doing it to get the reward money, right? And I got it. It just did not sit well with me.

3. Thought spiral. I did not really enjoy this part particularly, even though this is a big part of what is supposed to be the main point of Aza and her OCD and anxiety in order for us to understand it better. I got it the first time but as the book progressed, I very much just wanted to skip on it but I cannot because I might miss something. I don't really know if I loved the way the thought spirals were represented or if I don't. Oh well, I just realized that by feeling this way, I could generally see or feel how frustrating it must be for Aza and for the people around her the way that everything just spirals and there is no way out. Should I really put it on this list or should this be down below? Anyway, this is a love-hate entry!

2. Open-ended. It's Eleanor and Park for me all over again!! ! I really hate using my imagination in order to imagine a future for the characters that I read! I hate you authors! HAHA just kidding! Aza's imagination of their future is not enough for me!! I need the real thing!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!!

1. Overall disappointment. The story. The relationships. And everything from 10-2. Ugh, it's Paper Towns all over again for me, but at least in Paper Towns, it got me hooked in all the adventure but I completely nosedived in the end. With Turtles All the Way Down, it never really got me up there for me to really dive right down.

5 Reasons Why I Liked It

5. It tackled a new side of mental illness that was really new to me. I didn't know how bad it can get and I literally had my heart on pause with the sanitizer episode and I was really scared that it can actually lead to death without ever being in control of what is happening. I was really shocked and this is an eye opener for me.

4. Open about what she is thinking. Aza is a really closed off person. She doesn't volunteer her thoughts but what is great about her is she does not keep it when she is asked. She opens herself with the right questions. So I guess we should really talk to people and be involved, sometimes it pays to wait for them to open up but there are times when they are just waiting for us to show that we care enough to ask.

3. The Blog. I love Davis' blog. I love the poetry and everything. I think he's a sweet boy.

2. A lot of quotable quotes from a teenager's philosophical mind. Yep. John Green's mind is a book of quotes.

1. Wait, I cannot think of anything anymore. I thought I could think of five. My apologies for the misleading header! hahhha

“Ten thousand skies, and a million worlds,and it still wouldn’t be enough for me to share with you. Nothing less than forever will do.”

After quite a long while, I've finally found the luxury of indulging myself to the series I have left behind [Two down: Gemina and this; Two more to go: A Gathering of Shadows and Glass Sword], and I'm quite happy to be catching up. It wasn't an easy year for me so Christmas vacation was the only break I could grab to be jumping in multiverses and I'm SOOO freaking happy!


Title: Ten Thousand Skies Above You
Author: Claudia Gray
Series: Firebird #2
Published by: HarperTeen on November 2015
Genre: YA, Sci-fi, Romance, Fantasy
Setting: Paris, New York, etc.
Format: Paperback, 432 pages
Copy Source:  Bought, NBS
Purchase: Fullybooked [PH] | Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4.5 Roses

Ever since she used the Firebird, her parents' invention, to cross into alternate dimensions, Marguerite has caught the attention of enemies who will do anything to force her into helping them dominate the multiverse—even hurting the people she loves. She resists until her boyfriend, Paul, is attacked and his consciousness scattered across multiple dimensions.

Marguerite has no choice but to search for each splinter of Paul’s soul. The hunt sends her racing through a war-torn San Francisco, the criminal underworld of New York City, and a glittering Paris where another Marguerite hides a shocking secret. Each world brings Marguerite one step closer to rescuing Paul. But with each trial she faces, she begins to question the destiny she thought they shared.

The second book in the Firebird trilogy, Ten Thousand Skies Above You features Claudia Gray’s lush, romantic language and smart, exciting action, and will have readers clamoring for the next book.

So, before I go on with anything, I can't not ever praise the brilliance of the cover art of this series. I mean, they're always a feast for everyone's eyes. I will never not praise this art and I love the artist for her/his genius art.

I guess it was wrong for me to delve in with this right after reading Gemina, because, O-M-G if you haven't read my crazy review about it, you won't know the depths of my crazy-ass reaction over that one. Anyway, Gemina is just over the top O-M-G for me, so Ten Thousand Skies Above You kinda fell in flat for me just a little bit the whole time I was reading it. I mean, I read A Thousand Pieces of You and I fell in love with it (finished in less than 10 hours, 5 hours, I think), but I wasn't as thrilled with this one as I was in the first book.

Don't get me wrong, this book is still awesome in its own way, but there's so much that is happening and most of it are dragging, and I got bored, I don't even know how to start this review.


See how the highlighted line segued the next book along with the title of the book. Nice!

Ten Thousand Skies Above You takes you (again) on another epic dimension traveling that wouldn't let you catch your breath for a second. The parallel universes tackled in this sequel cannot be compared to the glamorous and chill dimensions that are visited on the first book.

A Thousand Pieces of You may tell you that there are a thousand beautiful possibilities out there but the gruesome reality that there are also war-torn and scarred universes are discovered in this sequel. I guess at first that was what made me kind of disappointed with the book because the magic that captured me from the first book was stripped off by the reality of the second book. 

Firebird series talks about endless possibilities and I love that Ten Thousand Skies Above You showed the readers the two sides of these possibilities. It ventured more on the destruction of the beliefs of our main characters. Mainly, Marguerite has always believed that every person is the same in every dimension but somehow she has come to a conclusion that there might be some fault to her belief, and that every dimension's person is unique in their own little sense. I mean, I guess I would also question her belief because we are talking of "POSSIBILITIES" right here. You cannot say that if I am honest in my dimension, that somehow, deep down in the core of my every self in different dimensions, I would have that same quality. The possibilities are if there's an honest me, there would also be a liar me somewhere on the other realm of possibilities but there would be dimensions that I am truly honest just like the "me" in this dimension. So yeah, Marguerite, you should probably question your belief, because so far, you've already seen enough.

There are parts where it is extremely dragging and I just want to skip parts but I can't bring myself to doing and there are also exciting parts and some self-discovery.

It is so hard for me to read this book because I am TEAM MARKOV but I just started to like Theo because of this book. He is so ideal and romantic that I've come to a point where I just asked myself, "Did I just become Team Markov because of Lt. Paul Markov in Russiaverse???" Now I'm thinking that Marguerite is just blinded because she thinks that destiny will always bring her back to Paul but we cannot erase the possibility of her being destined to Theo as well. If not, it's not totally impossible, though. I've discovered a lot about Theo in this book and I hate that Claudia Gray made us love Theo and somehow we got to know a side of him that's different from the Theo we hated from the first book. So could there be a chance that Theo?!!?!?!?! OMG! Idk what will happen but whichever of the two, I'll be gladly accepting it.

Lastly, let me tell you why this book is just perf. I love that the girl protagonist doesn't need constant saving from her knight in shining armor because she's the damsel ready to leap through worlds for the one she love. Now, I'm excited for A Million Worlds With You because there would be a spaceverse in there! I can't imagine how Claudia Gray would pull that off but shiz, the adventures will be concluded in that one. *Eggzoitsss!*

Before the year ends.... I'm presenting you..... My Favorite Books of 2016!!

This is my first ever "Favorite Books I've Read This [insert year]" type of post. *hooray* It's also the birth of my blog last December 20.... It's been 2 years and this is the first time I've ever made a post like this.... WHY?? WHY??? I don't know why, but I hope you enjoy this list and tell me if some of these books made it to your list, too. :P

I haven't read a lot of books this year because of school. So far, while writing this, I already read 17 books only and 7 of them are my absolute favorites! I have no reviews on some of the books listed below because it usually takes me 2-5 hours to finish one book review, meaning, during the times that I read those books, I've got no spare time in my hands to write a review on them (sadly).

[You can click the book titles to be redirected to my book review. Some of them does not have a book review, though]

by Rosamund Hodge

This is a modern retelling of the famous fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, which, by the way, is my absolute fave! So, yeah, I guess, it's no biggie of a question as to why Cruel Beauty is on the list, right? But being bias aside, this is a fantastic book and I loved it, but I wasn't in love with it. I have some slight issues with it which you can read, just click at the title.

Reasons why I loved it:
  • It's a dark and twisted fantasy, and Ignifex [Beast] is drool-worthy, and it's so hard to hate a beast like Ignifex.
  • The world is absolutely mind-blowing in some levels. It actually reminded me (kinda) of Howl's Moving Castle, because the castle is shaping itself. It's kind of hard to wrap your mind with the idea of the world but it's actually great and magical.
  • The plot-twist. I love a good plot-twist!

Graceling meets Beauty and the Beast in this sweeping fantasy about one girl's journey to fulfill her destiny and the monster who gets in her way-by stealing her heart.
Based on the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, Cruel Beauty is a dazzling love story about our deepest desires and their power to change our destiny.

Since birth, Nyx has been betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom-all because of a foolish bargain struck by her father. And since birth, she has been in training to kill him.

With no choice but to fulfill her duty, Nyx resents her family for never trying to save her and hates herself for wanting to escape her fate. Still, on her seventeenth birthday, Nyx abandons everything she's ever known to marry the all-powerful, immortal Ignifex. Her plan? Seduce him, destroy his enchanted castle, and break the nine-hundred-year-old curse he put on her people.

But Ignifex is not at all what Nyx expected. The strangely charming lord beguiles her, and his castle—a shifting maze of magical rooms—enthralls her.

As Nyx searches for a way to free her homeland by uncovering Ignifex's secrets, she finds herself unwillingly drawn to him. Even if she could bring herself to love her sworn enemy, how can she refuse her duty to kill him? With time running out, Nyx must decide what is more important: the future of her kingdom, or the man she was never supposed to love.

The Light Between Oceans
by M. L. Stedman

I haven't watched the film yet, as of this moment, and I gotta ask myself: WHY WHY WHY? Okay, I also don't know the answer to that but I am prolly gonna watch it after publishing this post, so yeah, I think I'm gonna buy tons of tissue for that one.

I can't ever fully grasp the moral and emotional tug the story had in my heart. I love the whole story building because it just sucked me right in and I know I want to know how the story will go. I am a sucker for emotional stories and a good cry always makes a book or a movie my favorite. 

This book made me feel all sorts of emotion, from happiness, to sadness, to just PURE sadness, and of course there was a point when I nearly want to throw the book because of frustration and anger and confusion. I was confused that I cannot decide what is right and wrong anymore. I was sad because of that so I left everything to the book. I told myself that I would accept whatever outcome the book will give me, and yes, I loved the conclusion of the book. Saved me from all the stress of thinking about what I wanted to happen.

This is kind of a slow read because the book captured everything up to the small details and I guess that made it more colorful and a great read.

After four harrowing years on the Western Front, Tom Sherbourne returns to Australia and takes a job as the lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock, nearly half a day’s journey from the coast. To this isolated island, where the supply boat comes once a season and shore leaves are granted every other year at best, Tom brings a young, bold, and loving wife, Isabel. Years later, after two miscarriages and one stillbirth, the grieving Isabel hears a baby’s cries on the wind. A boat has washed up onshore carrying a dead man and a living baby.

Tom, whose records as a lighthouse keeper are meticulous and whose moral principles have withstood a horrific war, wants to report the man and infant immediately. But Isabel has taken the tiny baby to her breast. Against Tom’s judgment, they claim her as their own and name her Lucy. When she is two, Tom and Isabel return to the mainland and are reminded that there are other people in the world. Their choice has devastated one of them.

M. L. Stedman’s mesmerizing, beautifully written novel seduces us into accommodating Isabel’s decision to keep this “gift from God.” And we are swept into a story about extraordinarily compelling characters seeking to find their North Star in a world where there is no right answer, where justice for one person is another’s tragic loss.

The Light Between Oceans is exquisite and unforgettable, a deeply moving novel.
5 Me Before You
by Jojo Moyes

I read the book because of the movie and I was not disappointed. Like The Light Between Oceans, this book made me question myself a lot. Would I want this life for Will, or was it wrong for Lou to try and stop Will from ending his life? I have a lot of questions and reservations while reading the book but eventually I learned a lot and I have accepted the ending of the book and I know that that ending was what made me love the book even more.

They had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose

Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life—steady boyfriend, close family—who has never been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for ex–Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge life—big deals, extreme sports, worldwide travel—and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he is.

Will is acerbic, moody, bossy—but Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves, and soon his happiness means more to her than she expected. When she learns that Will has shocking plans of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still worth living.

4 It Ends With Us
by Colleen Hoover


I'm always doubtful of a CoHo book... I've read a few handful of her works before and I love her writing style because it captures her readers easily but I always have a problem with her plot. But as you can see, three CoHo made its way to my list, and the first one is It Ends With Us.

I so love the theme of this book because it tackles a delicate issue about men physically hurting women. This abusive cycle of men having the upper hand when it comes to strength is absolutely terrifying and it pains me that some women experience this in their relationship, so I am thanking Colleen Hoover for making a novel which can serve as the voice of these women and I hope that this book can make them feel that they are not alone in this world, and I also hope that they, too, can break the chain and be free from the monstrosity that is caging them from being happy and free.

I may not know the depths of what these women feel and this book showed me that there are circumstances that prevents them from leaving, but I hope that men will also find it in themselves to cherish their woman. If the man truly loves his woman, he will be brave enough to let her go when he knows that he has it in him to hurt someone he loves. Tying a woman to an abusive relationship is cowardice in itself, and it's not love.


Lily hasn't always had it easy, but that's never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She's come a long way from the small town in Maine where she grew up - she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. So when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily's life suddenly seems almost too good to be true.

Ryle is assertive, stubborn, and maybe even a little arrogant. He's also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily, but Ryle's complete aversion to relationships is disturbing.

As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan - her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened.

With this bold and deeply personal novel, Colleen Hoover delivers a heart-wrenching story that breaks exciting new ground for her as a writer. It Ends With Us is an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price.

This book contains graphic scenes and very sensitive subject matter.

by Colleen Hoover

Hi another CoHo book. This book is brilliant, you know? Have you read/watched One Day? One Day is one of my favorite films of all time and they were a bit similar in a sense that one day every year, they will meet each other and spend the whole day together. Another one that is quite similar is the Before Movie Trilogy [Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight] which is also my favorite. Despite being similar to two of my favorite films, November 9 is also unique in its own way and it will actually make you cry tons of tears. I really love this book that I would probably recommend it to everyone.

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.
2 Maybe Someday
by Colleen Hoover

I loved all of the CoHo books in this list but I gotta give some extra loving points for Maybe Someday because of the music! The book has its perfect guy who plays the guitar and the girl who writes the perfect lyrics to his music, what else can we ask for, right? I know, it's too perfect to be real so there must be something close to imperfection right there, and yes there is! I don't know if I am supposed to say this but our perfect guy is deaf and it just added another touch of color in our seemingly black and white notes on a music sheet story.

Sydney is living in an idyllic bubble—she's a dedicated student with a steady job on the side. She lives with her best friend, has a great boyfriend, and the music coming from the balcony opposite hers is fast becoming the soundtrack to her life. But when Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, the bubble bursts. The mysterious and attractive man behind the music, Ridge, gives Sydney hope that she can move on and they begin to write songs together. But moving on is harder than she expects, Sydney can only hope…. 

Maybe someday… 

Colleen Hoover draws you in to this passionate tale of music, love and betrayal…
by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff 

Reasons for loving Gemina:
  • It's totally kick-ass
  • It is UNIQUE
  • Drawings from Marie Lu
  • PLOT TWIST! Another PLOT TWIST! F*** another PLOT TWIST! Yeah, it was kind of hard to dodge all those plot twist bullets.
  • Too. Many. Deaths. :P
  • Characters from Illuminae were back!!!

Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

The sci-fi saga that began with the breakout bestseller Illuminaecontinues on board the Jump Station Heimdall, where two new characters will confront the next wave of the BeiTech assault.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy's most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station's wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They've totally got this. They hope.

Once again told through a compelling dossier of emails, IMs, classified files, transcripts, and schematics, Gemina raises the stakes of the Illuminae Files, hurling readers into an enthralling new story that will leave them breathless.