BookWormieeProblems #1

I sometimes call myself a booknerd but most of the time I like to call myself a bookworm. Booknerd is a title that is somewhat extreme because it's like you are really in love with reading that you yourself proclaims that you're a nerd. As much as I wanted to call myself that, I don't think I've reached that point yet, although I'm pretty much in love with reading, but I am still a newbiee, so I call myself a bookwormiee or wormiee for short (Thus the bookstagram @ishieewormiee) .

Bookwormiee Problems is a new feature that will tackle the problems that I encounter when I became a wormiee. Some of them, you might be the same as to what you're experiencing, so tell me below if you experience these problems too, as a booknerd/bookworm.

Bookwormiee Problem #1
"I thought that happened IRL!"

Reading too much just alters your reality in so many different ways. Something that happened in the Fiction Land just somehow seems to wriggle itself out and blend into our Mundane Land. Sometimes I also tend to believe that what happened to the girl protagonist also happened to me in real life. But sadly, I will always be shaken awake by the truth that it happened from a land far from mine and IT'S NOT REAL LIFE!;(

Another is, it blends its way through my dreams every night flooding my mind with emotions that I cannot decipher and then in the morning, it leaves me expectant in its wake. The feeling that you stepped into Fiction Land is surreal that waking up itself is a pain that IT'S NOT REAL LIFE! ;(

Books are our doors to our preferred alternate "reality", but as much as we wanted it to be real, there's a boundary between both worlds and one of the perks of being a wormiee? We can turn all things into reality, we can step into both worlds because we have the keys in our hands. These books are our passage to all the worlds there is to the universe. So maybe it's not a big problem at all, maybe it doesn't live in our world, but it certainly lives somewhere that only bookwormiees know existed.

Do you experience this situation where you thought it was IRL but it's not? 


  1. Yes... All the time! The other day I was cooking in my kitchen and I was thinking about a couple of somebodies and wondering how they were doing then realized they were characters in a book and where not real! HA HA!

    1. Oh my, I knew I'm not alone!!! If you could just "hey how you doin'?" your fave character irl, that would Be awsm!