I sometimes call myself a booknerd but most of the time I like to call myself a bookworm. Booknerd is a title that is somewhat extreme because it's like you are really in love with reading that you practically live in the fictional world more than the real one. As much as I wanted to call myself that, I don't think I've reached that point yet, although I'm pretty much in love with reading, I am still a newbiee, so I call myself a bookwormiee or wormiee for short (Thus the bookstagram @ishieewormiee) .

Bookwormiee Problems is a new feature that will tackle the problems that I encounter when I became a wormiee. Some of them might be the same as your experiences, so tell me below if you experience these problems too, as a booknerd/bookworm.

Welcome to my second wormiee problem. I don't actually have a list of wormiee problems because these problems just pop out of my head one moment when I'm suddenly experiencing it. Here goes another pop!

So last Sunday, I went to Executive Optical (EO) and had my eyes checked again after 4 months and in that span of time, my eye grade spiked up, not gradually, but SUDDENLY! And now I have to have a very expensive lens just so I won't have to endure a very thick lens (Although I only picked the ultra thin and not the super thin so it's still slightly obvious that my lens are thick) and ugggh I'm still freaking out!!!

Executive Optical is my family's go-to place for ten years now, where I got my first glasses and my first contact lenses so if you ever had the problem I had down below, just visit Executive Optical's website and find the perfect pair of glasses for you. *wink*

Book Wormiee Problem #2:
What the fudge happened to me eye?!?!

I think I just blabbed too much, so here comes the wormiee problem... *drumroll* Having very poor eyesight ;( Maybe I  am not speaking for the whole bunch of readers but there's a high probability that a lot of you are wearing glasses and doesn't have a 20-20 vision. Am I right?

It's a big problem and it's one of the factors why I am not accepting any more e-copies of books because I might not be able to read on my Note more often (I'm limiting myself to reading on my tablet only for my pdf textbooks). I know that physical ARCs are rarely shipped in my country (A Filipino wormiee problem) and e-ARCs are really convenient but I already stopped reading ebooks already and now I've got to save money to buy myself a book or joining book tours so I can have the physical copy to read.

It's not easy wearing glasses and contact lenses, do you agree with me?! Agree with me!!! Yes, yes, thank you! :)

Contact lenses make me look good and more confident but it's so darn uncomfortable for college students like me who have to sleep very late and wake up really early in the morning. It's not the most comfortable feeling in the world when you place the lens in your eyes when the residue of "puyat" still lingers even after taking a nice bath.
Eye glasses? Ugh, I have to endure wearing my new glasses that makes me look really weird. They're expensive! And they don't look good on me! Ugh! Perks of having perfect vision, huh? Yes, it's not easy to have the perfect pair of glasses especially when you're on a budget but my eye health is more important than looking fab so eyeglasses for me!

Maybe it's from reading, maybe it's from excessive internet use, but yeah, I own the blurry world now. Are you part of this world?

If only I would look as good as those ad models, then it would be perfectly okay for me to wear this stupid glasses and just wink wink wink because I'm so fab. =)) 

Definitely a bookwormiee problem. Are you experiencing the same problemo?


  1. We have the same problem. I haven't gone to an opthamologist this year but I'm planning to. The problem is just the money and for sure, my eye grade is higher than 50 this year because I've been into e-books last year and I regret it. So this year, I decided to go back on my pledge to just read the printed word forever. Hahaha! I just hope that if I lessen my usage of the internet that my eye grade will go back to normal or lower than the usual grade. *sigh* Wearing glasses is really a problem specially if the frame doesn't agree with my taste. :(

    1. HUHU, yes, eyeglasses sure is a pain in the pocket. ugh, and the fact that the better looking ones are so expensive just adds to the UUGH factor. If only I have the money to buy the real books all the time :( Like right now, I am not reading anything yet because I am broke and it's finals hahahha.

  2. I was surprised last week when I went in for my eye exam that they were having a buy one get one free sale on glasses. These were all top of the line glasses too. I decided to get a pair for night driving and one for while I was at work. I saved myself at least a hundred dollars getting the two pairs at the same time.

    Jacquelyn Hart @ Clarity Vision - Clayton, NC