BOOK NEWS: Yahoo! Movies Announced Glass Sword's Cover Reveal!

When Glass Sword opens, Maven has betrayed Mare and his brother, Cal, and the two have been rescued by the Scarlet Guard. In addition to fighting the segregation that torments the red-blooded masses, Mare will be seeking out other Reds like her. Where the first book cover showed an upside-down crown dripping red blood, the new one follows suit, this time with a crown made of glass swords and dripping both red and silver blood, a symbol, Aveyard told us, meant to show that “both sides are going to have problems this time around.”

Source: Yahoo! Movies

WHAT THE FUN?! Aside from the fact that classes are suspended and I'm going to be staying in bed all day today, this thing popped on my instagram feed this morning and I was psyched! Like woah!!! At first I thought it was fan made but I saw it on NBS' ig and it was actually posted by epicreads but originally, the cover reveal was from Yahoo!, so it's not a hoax! IT IS REAL!!

So anyway, it is a very good news on a typical rainy Wednesday morning and I was dancing with delight because it was a really good cover! Even if it looks like a chandelier and my sister said it's like Elsa, I think it was gorgeous and I'm pretty much excited for next year, February 9, and I know that the wait will be excruciating! UGH

If you have accidentally or intentionally read my review about Red Queen, you'll find that I was actually disappointed that there was no map in the book and I think they heard me. I guess they'll be putting this on Glass Sword, huh? YAY! The map is freaking red and looks like freaking bloody death all around.

So whaddiya think about the map? I love a book with a great map! :D

Aside from that, Yahoo! also announced that Red Queen will be coming to the big screen  and will be directed by Elizabeth Banks! Who's excited for that? I know I am! :D

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