Reading Challenges

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A book that became a movie

A book with more than 500 pages
A mystery/thriller
Sorry, I was out of sorts when I edited the picture. While it is true that this book is both a book with 500 pages and a mystery/thriller, when I read another that would suit one of these, I'll split them apart.

A book with nonhuman characters

A book by a female author

A book based on a true story
Not entirely true and not entirely false. The book was inspired by James Patterson's real heart breaking first love. You can read the interview in here.

A book set in a different country

A book from an author you've never read before
And then I read a second one called Love, Stargirl.

A book with a one-word title
Fangirl Book Review

A book published this year

A book that became a movie

A book a friend recommended

A book that you can finish in a day

A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit

A book with a color in the title

A book that made you cry

A book with magic

A book based entirely on its cover

A book set in the future

A book set in highschool



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