5 Reasons Why Book Lovers Are The Happiest

We are not weird, we just don't settle with the mundane

We do a lot of things that weird people out. Take me for example, I dance like crazy with or without audience because my favorite heroine does it so I would think it's cool, it's fine and it's fun! Yes, we don't care about what other people think because in the books we read, it's okay to be different and being different is what really makes us unlike the rest, which is the thing I dread the most, being just like all of them and not being unique in my own way.

We are never really alone.

Yes, we find a lot of friends, fiction or not, we have lots. Feeling lost, lonely, depressed? We just cope because somewhere out there, we just know, that there is someone who feels the same emotion we were feeling right now. Somehow, through these fictional characters, we are reminded that we are not alone.

We are never afraid to be left on solitude

People who don't read are afraid to be left in a place without anyone to converse with, because they don't have this skill that book lovers acquire. We can be alone and not be lonely at all because we have our books with us! We just don't leave home without a book in our bag, it's useful in time traveling you know? Do you really think it's a skill that only Mason and Scout mastered? That's where you're wrong, because just like them, we can travel forward through time. The only medium we need? A pretty good book and we would never really feel that 5 hours was already taken away from us.

We find solace between the pages

Because somehow, after emerging from a rough day, knowing that our fictional boyfriend will always be there waiting for us, is enough to cheer us up. The fun, the wit, the romance, the action, the drama is all the comfort we need along with the chocolates and the ice cream and the fluffy bed, really. *wink*

It's not that hard to please us, really.

It's not that hard to strike up a conversation with us. Sometimes, we might talk about something that we already experience first hand, but I tell you, even if we don't, we might know a thing or two about it. Why? Because we've read about it!

Like one time, when me and my sis talked about Paris, I kind of know this certain place and what it is or stuff. Why? Well, thanks to Anna and the French Kiss. Or when the time comes that someone will talk to me about Indiana, my ears will definitely perk up not because I've been there, but because Violet and Finch told me all about it in allthebrightplaces.

Agree? What are other things you think that defines us from non-booklovers?