The Best Feeling is Hearing it From Your Friends :)

It's mid-month and I am literally rusty right now as I have not opened a single book for the entire 15 days that passed. Okay, I've read one ebook for the blog tour this morning and one from the blog tour yesterday which, for reals, are quite short, so I'll excempt those.

So to compensate with my reading slump and book review absences, I will just have to post these books that are finally going home to their bookshelf *yayyy* . They're actually here at my dorm not because I've read them or reread them, but because I let my friends read some of them and others are borrowed books(not yet read). Hooray for the end of classes and finals tomorrow!!! Woop woop!

Another thing I want to share is, I really love it when people appreciate your take on books. One of my new found virtual friend, old time follower-following (we just talked after all those months of following each other back), recently asked me for a recommendation because the one she just read bore her. And I was literally blabbing the entire conversation on this and that and she said that my energy is so contagious that it inspires her to read more... and I was so touched to know that my energy radiates and inspires people to read often.

That wasn't the first though, a lot of people have been relying lately on what I recommend them and it's really heart warming to know that people actually care about the books I read. It puts a smile on my face, really, especially the first time that someone told me that she's always waiting on the next book that I will post and I was like *meltsss* . At first I thought this blog was only meant for me--even though this blog wasn't the medium of how they knew my love for books and not many of them know this-- but then again, this could be for others to start loving books too, and I love sharing it with all of you and to all of you my few but lovely followers, I hope you find my blog useful for your next read.

And with this, I really know that it really inspires them because one of my close friend told me in school that the photos of some books I post on instagram just inspires her to read more. That was my friend who doesn't read but we pushed her to and hearing her say, " Yung mga posts mo sa instagram na books ang gaganda, parang pag nakikita ko yun, ang sarap magbasa", and to hear it from her? Gosh, I just melt again.

Thank you to all those who appreciate my little book photography, it's nice knowing that you loved them that I want to post more. Thank you :)

Did I just blab the entire time again? Omg.
Haha, heya guys! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Seeing users in Instagram or any other social media sites that post their books inspire me more to read more books. Sometimes it makes me jealous of them because they can read more books than I am. Hahaha! I feel you when people appreciate how addicted we are on books and the way we inspire them in our simplest ways by just sharing a book talk with them. Even I can feel my energy every time I talk to someone about the books I've just read or anything which is related to the word 'book' itself. It feels even better when we can influence them to read books. It seems I'm a good influence to others. Hahaha!

    1. Truue, it's like if I have the money to buy all those books I would! I get jealous with their feed too, but above that it makes me fall even more in love with books by seeing their beautiful book photography.

      And yes, it'S a great feeljng when you influence a person to read. It's an achievement! I love talking about books, it makes me feel giddy and omygeeeee ♡

  2. I know how you feel! It's really heart-warming to know that people read you blog and makes you an inspiration to read more. Thus, it also inspires us to blog more. <3

    1. So truuu :) It's so cool that people are still interested in what we are about to say ♡