7 Movies That Made Me Cry

"I remembered that it hurt. Watching these movies hurt."

Sorry, I had to use that line from the movie Stuck in love. I was making the collage above and I was thinking of an opening statement when I spoke those lines, out loud, actually "I remembered that it hurt. Looking at her hurt". Looks like those lines got stuck with me after all.

Anyway, here are the 7 movies that literally made me cry buckets. Well, not all of them. Some just made me an all-teary wuss. I would have ranked them according to the tears I've cried but I thought you could find that out yourself by watching and you'll know how the list would go. A little hint: P.S. I Love You ranked first. *Oh the tears*

If Only

If Only--this is one of my all time favorite movies that I've ever seen!! I just spent 30 minutes trying to remember the name of it!!
What if you had the chance to go back in time and fix all of your mistakes, will the time be enough to shower her the love that would be imprinted in her even after that short time is over?

A lot of my friends have been continuously recommending this movie before. They said it would seriously make my eyes burst with tears, and true to their words, I can't even stop crying by the end of it.

This is a story of love and of second chances.
A story of how sometimes you fail to appreciate the special things just because you know they'll always be around.

Seriously am crying before it even starts...PS: i love you. I LOVE this movie so muchP.S. I Love You

Losing someone is hard enough, letting go is the hardest and letting your heart fly to find happiness is the bravest.

I. Wasn't. Ready.
No one warned me. I was used to crying at the end of every tear jerkers but this one fooled me into thinking this was another one of them. but it's not. *tears*

I really love this movie, it's one of my forever favorites. Plus, Gerard Butler is a real charmer, I loved him even more. *swoons*

One Day
One Day. Love this movie!
Will they ever get the perfect timing? Maybe, but fate is just unexpected in ways that will leave us mourning. Theirs was the story of friendship, and over time, a story of love.

It is a funny thing, fate.
A story doesn't always end up happy, but sometimes, through loss, other things get appreciated. I love their friendship, casual yet you can really see the love through Emma's (Anne Hathaway) eyes although in Dexter's (Jim Sturgess) childish eyes, it's all just friendship.

Celeste and Jesse ForeverCeleste and Jesse Forever

They were perfect until being right clouded her and absorbed her away from the love she did not see already slipping away from her grasp. It's bittersweet and sad and funny... and just sad.

They were really comfortable with each other and even though they're marriage did not work out well. They're getting a divorce but they still act the way that they were and their friends are freaked out.

Maybe it's all not meant to end up as a happy marriage. All she wanted was to be right and she doesn't want to admit that she still loves him. It made me want to punch her and knock her pride away but I guess being best friends is what they're really meant for. Forever.

Blue Valentine, 2010Blue Valentine

Love was fickle. It faded into thin air.

It broke my heart into pieces that can never be stitched into whole again.

I hate her. I hate how she could even hurt him. I cried for the little girl, he really loved her and ugh. I hate how she didn't see how much he sacrificed just for her. I wish they could have worked it out for the sake of the child. But she's just as stubborn and selfish as she could get.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - One of my favorite movies. And I don't even like artsy movies.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Erasing someone from your mind doesn't actually guarantee that they'll also be deleted from your heart.

I remembered always knowing that amnesia is only in the mind, not in the heart. Same goes in this movie, they may be erased from each other's minds but somehow before they knew the truth to their memory loss, they still found each other.

I found this movie very sweet because he only realized how much he can't take it if she'll be gone in his memories while on the process of erasing her from all of his existence. Somehow while he gets reeled back to the start, he realized that he shouldn't erase her just because it hurt.

The Great Gatsby (2013) | Leonardo DiCaprio, - Film just doesnt get much better then this movie.  The story line, the way they depicted NY, the soundtrack, the tragedy and beautiful beautiful Leo - looking as good as he did when I was 15The Great Gatsby

Love never happens the same way twice.

When I read The Great Gatsby, I never felt it but when I watched it came to life in the movie, I was moved and I broke down.

Gatsby did everything for her, he sacrificed a lot but he never knew that she could not make the sacrifice to recreate their love once again.This is just plain sad.

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