Blog Tour Review: The Necromancer by Alex Stargazer

I am excited to host my first ever blog tour. I am doing a review for it and if you want to follow the tour until its completion, feel free to check out the schedule at the bottom.

Welcome to my blog tour stop for The Necromancer by Alex Stargazer.

Book Blurb:

‘I am Neshvetal. My name carries the bitter taste of death; my magic brings it to my enemies; and my laughter sings with the howling wind.’
From ice and fire he was born; but death is his master now.
His children—decaying and sadistic, merciless and cruel—smile as they grow ever more.
The Dead are rising. Will you join them?

A tale about death and life, magic and ordinary people; the Necromancer is a story for the brave and the strong of heart. Read it—if you dare. For it is often in the darkest times, in which the heroes emerge...

Book Review:

A tale full of magic that is both dark and powerful. This book takes you to a place that introduces us to different kinds of beings that bear magic.

The book is beautifully written with rich words that stretches throughout the pages sucking you in with its powerful intrication. It is both poetic and majestic in its own world. The beautiful thing about it is that there is a map introduced to us, it reminded me of the middle earth that was built for us by the ever great story teller, J.R.R. Tolkien. There will also be characters that would be unfamiliar at first but it was introduced in the beginning of the book.

The story is well beyond words, you never know who are on the good and on the bad side. You will be surprised at the twist that unravels as the story continues. A sequel won't be so bad Mr. Alex Stargazer,

About the Author:
Hello! I’m called Alex Stargazer. That’s not my real name. And no: I’m not going to tell you. I like a little mystery.

What I will tell you: I’m sixteen. I have a passion for fantasy; and a soft spot for romance. I like to write about anything fantastical (elves are a favourite; dragons too) and my favourite book’s either Narnia or Northern Lights—never could decide, poor vacillating me.

Anyway: give my stuff a read. You might like it. No, really; I got fans. (If you listen carefully at night, you’ll hear them whispering my name. They’re shy, are my fans; but they’re a determined lot.)

PS: if you want to know more, email me at Yes, the address is deliberately long; I don’t like stalkers. They scare me.

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