Book in Focus: First Love by James Patterson & Emily Raymond

I know I haven't been kind enough with this book with my review, but I still want a place for it in my Book in Focus feature because for one, the feature does not solely focus on the content, but with the beauty of the book, though it's an added bonus if it's also a great read. I guess I have a thing for books with red designs because they attract me so much, and that's why I considered putting this here.

But as I said, I recommend this for the people who haven't read The Fault in our Stars yet (hmm, there are people who haven't?? :O).
You can read my review here.

First Love
James Patterson & Emily Raymond

This little note in the beginning is so high school, right? Have you tried passing notes with your besties way back? Because I sure did.

I just took a picture of this because 28 is my favorite number. :D

That's it for my Book in Focus today, hope you enjoyed the dirty flowers I used as props. HAHA

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